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A Fort Mill accident happens quickly. And usually without warning. As a result, no one expects to need a personal injury lawyer. While on the road, we are always at risk. Due to Fort Mill and Charlotte growth, we get more heavy traffic. Consequently, we also get more Fort Mill accidents. Seems like everyone today is in a hurry and distracted. Furthermore, despite tougher laws, cell phones and texting cause accidents. So what can you do to be safe? Most of all, always drive defensively and anticipate bad driving by others.

 Robert J. Reeves P.C.

Here in Fort Mill, our lawyers are all experienced trial attorneys. Our team includes a former prosecutor, insurance defense lawyer, and Registered Nurse (RN). Given our diverse backgrounds, we look at serious Fort Mill accident cases from multiple perspectives. We know from experience how insurance companies evaluate claims. And we know their tactics. Consequently, we apply what we know to negotiate a settlement. If reasonable, we settle. If not, we file suit. Of course, the decision to settle or go to trial is always yours.

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Mr. Reeves is a member and supporter of the above legal organizations as well as others. He is proud of his professional accomplishments during his 27 years in practice. He is especially honored to be inducted into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and National Trial Lawyers Top 100 for South Carolina. However, he never forgets that each case is unique and that families have placed their trust in him. Mr. Reeves fully investigates every case to determine who is responsible. He then works hard hold all parties accountable.

fort mill accidentPersonally Available to Clients

Mr. Reeves makes himself personally available even after hours and on weekends. Every client has his personal cell phone number and direct email address. And Mr. Reeves promptly returns all calls and emails the same day. If you call late at night, he calls you back first thing in the morning. He appreciates the anxiety you are feeling and is there when you need answers or reassurance.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our firm handles accident claims resulting in serious injury, catastrophic loss, or wrongful death. Our firm focuses on automobile, tractor trailer, or semi truck, and motorcycle accidents. We prepare every case for trial and are not afraid to go to court and fight for your case. Most cases can be resolved through negotiation or at mediation. However, it is always your decision whether to settle or go to trial. After all, we work for you.

Safer Cars Means Fewer Injuries

Fortunately, most Fort Mill accident cases are relatively minor. Consequently, in these situations, you probably only need a little guidance. And with the information we provide, you can navigate most injury claims on your own. First, we explain some of the key aspects of the injury claim process and what to expect. Then, we speak with you to answer any additional questions. However, for serious injury or death claims, you absolutely need experienced, professional Fort Mill accident lawyers to protect you. And that’s where we come in.

When You Do Need Us

Due to better design, most vehicle accidents cause soft tissue injuries that usually heal completely and fairly quickly. Furthermore, you will be sore for only a few days or a couple of weeks. Short term medical treatment, such as physical therapy or chiropractic care, will help you heal more quickly. As a result, you can settle your case without a lawyer. If you have questions, call us and we will help guide you for free. After all, Fort Mill is still a small community, and we are happy to help our neighbors.

But for serious injury cases where you break bones or require surgery, you absolutely need professional, experienced representation. That’s when you do need us and our extensive experience. And we will be there for you every step of the way. Over the years, Mr. Reeves has handled many serious injury and death claims. As a former Registered Nurse (RN), he understands complex injury and permanent damage medical cases. Consequently, he knows what you are facing and what you will need in the future. While you focus on healing, we focus on your case. We’re going to get through this process together. You’re not alone in this fight.

What to Do After a Fort Mill Accident

First, get yourself checked out medically. Let’s first make sure you are actually alright. Even if you think you feel fine, it is better to get evaluated at an emergency room or urgent care clinic. During a crash, your body releases a number of chemicals and hormones into your system as part of the “fight or flight” response.

As a result, you may not be aware of injury until later as this physiological response “wears off.” Many persons refuse treatment. The reason is they don’t want to incur the expense or wait long hours at the hospital. And they are also concerned about their damaged vehicle and how they will get back home. But don’t make the mistake of waiting a few days hoping to get better. Nevertheless, that gap in time is used against you later by the insurance company.

Recorded Statements

Should I talk to the insurance adjuster or give a recorded statement? It depends. If liability is clear, then you can give a statement where the focus will be on injury. However, if liability is disputed, you should have a lawyer present. First of all,, insurance adjusters for the other driver are NOT looking out for your best interests. Rather, their goal is to attempt to get a statement that they can later use against you in the future. Consequently, you should speak with a lawyer before giving a statement if there are any concerns about your case.

Medical Bills and Liens

Understandably, most client’s worry about who is going to pay their medical bills? Consequently, we work with you to preserve your credit and make sure your bills get paid. While you are still treating, we find all available insurance coverage and medical payment options. Then once you are released, we move quickly to get medical balances and negotiate with the insurance adjuster. If we are able to reach an agreement, we then resolve lien issues. But if the insurance company is not reasonable or fair, we file a lawsuit. Either way, we pledge to do our best for you and your family.

What Is My Case Worth?

After your medical treatment is over, we then turn to the value of your case. While no amount of money can ever replace your health, it is our job to maximize your financial recovery. As a result, we first find out how much insurance coverage is available and then negotiate hard. Because so much is at stake, we consider all of your damages. More specifically, we look at your medical bills, lost wages, and any permanent impairment. In addition, we consider your pain and suffering as well as future medical care needs. Then, we negotiate for as much as we can get or coverage allows. After we review your options, you decide whether to accept a settlement or file a lawsuit and go to trial. Since it is your case, it is always your decision on how to proceed. We work for you.

*Membership in professional legal organizations shows our commitment to personal injury excellence.