Auto Accident Medical Bills
and Liens

Payment of Auto Accident Medical Bills

Who pays for auto accident medical bills?  Should I use my own health insurance?

In most situations, the at fault insurance carrier pays all causally related treatment. But not always. Consequently, we advise our clients to use their private health insurance. Here are the reasons why. First, you get treatment more quickly. And secondly, your group health insurance gets reduced negotiated rates. Of course, your health insurance carrier has a lien on your case for any benefits paid. But, we negotiate all liens after settlement or jury verdict.

auto accident medical billsHealth Insurance Issues

What if I don’t have health insurance? What is Medical Payment (“Med Pay”) coverage?

Med Pay is coverage under your own insurance policy that reimburses medical bills up to a certain amount after an accident. And Med Pay is available to passengers of in the covered vehicle. Also note that this coverage is separate from the at-fault driver’s “bodily injury” insurance coverage. This coverage is very important and is available regardless of whether you cause the accident or not. As a result, we encourage our clients purchase as much as possible. If you compare rates, you will see how just a few dollars more a year gets you and your family real protection.

Medical Lien Issues

Are my auto accident medical bills paid separately? Will I have to pay back any liens?

Yes. At the end of your medical treatment, your case eventually resolves by either settlement or trial. At that point, your lawyer negotiates any outstanding medical bills and/or liens. The mission here is to get you get the best financial outcome possible. After all, you were seriously injured and will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. This is what we do.

auto accident medical billsRobert J. Reeves P.C.

Fortunately, most cases are fairly straightforward. In minor injury accidents, you get treatment and recover fully. The at fault insurance company pays your auto accident medical bills. However, in more serious injury cases, the process gets more complicated. Furthermore, there are permanent consequences. As a result, you never recover fully. That’s when you need us the most. At Robert J. Reeves P.C., we take of you during this difficult time. If hired, our lawyers pledge their best efforts to protect you and your family. First consider this. Mr. Reeves is a veteran trial lawyer with over 27 years experience. In addition, he is a member of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Call us to schedule a time to personally meet. When face to face, ask us the hard questions. Next, carefully compare our credentials against any one. Then, hire the Fort Mill personal injury attorney that gives you the most confidence but also puts you at ease. Don’t worry. We’re going to get you through this. Call now.