As a truck driver, you may need to drive in many different sorts of locations and weather conditions. With much of the country still experiencing some summer weather, it’s good to know how to handle summer trucking. Taking some extra steps can help make your rides much more manageable…

Summer Trucking: Helpful Steps

Bring sun protection

As you’d imagine, doing summer trucking means you’ll be in the sun a lot. While the sun can feel find in small doses, constant exposure can really take a toll. Not only will it drain you of your energy, but it could also cause things like sunburn and other skin damage. As such, it’s helpful to bring along some protection.

Most drivers will use some sunscreen to protect themselves. You can also wear some long-sleeve shirts, but they may be uncomfortable given the heat. It’s also good to consider wearing a hat and sunglasses as well. That way, you can protect yourself and help reduce any glare caused by the sun.

Stay hydrated

Summer trucking tends involved being stuck in some extreme heat. While your truck’s A/C can help, it won’t prevent you from getting dehydrated. Therefore, you should always keep some water on hand to ensure this won’t happen.

It’s important to constantly be drinking water while on your trip. You don’t want to wait until you feel extremely thirsty, or worse, show signs of heatstroke. By that point, the water may not be enough to get you re-hydrated. By drinking it steadily, you can better ensure that this won’t happen.

Check on your truck

You should also be sure to keep a close eye on your truck. Summer trucking can lead to heat-related issues with your truck. Most notably is that your truck may end up overheating. To prevent this, watch your truck’s engine temperatures and be sure that you have enough coolant before every trip.

However, you also need to check on other key components as well. For instance, the heat can cause your tires to lose air pressure and flatten. If your brakes get too hot, then they may also not be able to work properly.  Aside from checking before you leave, it’s good to periodically check these and other components throughout your drive.