While a lot of workers are spending more time at home recently, delivery drivers are in high demand. Therefore, it’s good to know some delivery driving safety fundamentals. That way, if you find yourself doing some driving, you can do your best to keep yourself healthy…

Delivery Driving Safety: Key Steps

Lift & stretch properly

Lifting and stretching properly are some important fundamentals of delivery driving safety. Depending on what kind of things you deliver, you may need to move around heavy packages. Not lifting them properly could cause some serious damage, especially to your back.

Therefore, it’s good to practice some smart lifting techniques. This will help reduce the strain placed on your body. If possible, you should also use things like handcarts for those very-heavy packages. Be sure to stretch as well, in order to keep your muscles relaxed after constant lifting, moving, and sitting in the car or truck.

Wear the right equipment

Good equipment is also a key element of delivery driving safety. On the surface, delivery driving may not seem all that “hard”. However, you will have to consistently move around and carry things, which can take a toll. You may also have to do a lot of stair climbing, such as at apartment complexes.

Wearing proper gear can help reduce the chance of you getting hurt while working. For delivery drivers, things such as easy-to-move-in clothing and comfortable shoes are essential. It’s also good to wear high-visibility clothes, especially at night, so you can easily be seen.

Keep things clean

With the current COVID-19 outbreak, there’s been a renewed emphasis on the health side of delivery driving safety. In particular, having to handle so many packages and meeting so many people can be a bit of a risk. As a result, it’s important to try and keep things clean and sanitized.

For instance, you might want to wear a face mask and protective gloves when on the job. If those aren’t available, then keep some hand sanitizer around and use it after each delivery. Many places are also having driver avoid knocking on doors altogether, as an extra step.