There’s a lot of different hazards you might run into when working outdoors. One of the most annoying ones can be stinging insects. However, these insects can be dangerous too. Therefore, it’s important to know how you can work safely around them…

Stinging Insects: Work Safely

Common insects

Stinging insects, like their name says, are any insects which have a stinger attached to their abdomen. When these animals feel threatened, they’ll use their stinger to protect themselves and get away. Wasps, hornets, bees, and ants are some of the most commonly-encountered insects that have stingers.

Furthermore, these insects can appear in a wide variety of areas. For example, they could be in nests on trees, or overhangs like on houses or buildings. They could also be inside shrubs, bushes, or hedges. They can even make their nests in abandoned houses and vehicles. That’s why you always should be on the watch for them.

Why worry?

What’s the big concern about stinging insects? Mainly, it comes down to what the sting can do to you. Usually, most stings are a temporary injury. You might experience some swelling and pain around the area you got stung at. However, there is a chance a sting could be very dangerous.

Many people are allergic to being stung. This means a sting could cause them to struggle to breathe, break out in hives, and have severe swelling around the eyes. In some cases, it could cause a person to go into shock, and even result in a heart attack!

How to stay protected

There’s a few ways you can avoid the dangers of stinging insects. The best thing to do is leave the area after you find them. Power tools can especially irritate these insects, and cause an angry swarm to form. Instead, it’s best to leave and wait for the insects to clear out.

Still, if you have to work around these insects, try to make sure your body is well-covered. Wear closed-top shoes, long pants and sleeves, and hats or face guards. Don’t swat at these insects either when you see them. If you don’t bother them, then they probably won’t bother you!