There’s a lot of different potential hazards which can pop up at the workplace. However, many of these risks could be averted with some simple workplace housekeeping. Keeping things clean goes a long way in keeping others safe…

Workplace Housekeeping

Put things away

Good organization is a key aspect of workplace housekeeping. If you leave things like tools or equipment laying around, then it’s very easy for others to potentially trip over them. Plus, it’ll also make it harder for others to do their job effectively. Therefore, you should make sure things are put away properly.

This is especially true for especially dangerous items. For example, you might not think cardboard boxes laying around are a big deal. But, they actually pose a significant fire hazard. That’s why you’ll want to dispose of them sooner rather than later.

Clean up spills

Spills are also another area to focus workplace housekeeping efforts on. Spills are some of the leading causes of slips and falls at work. Also, spills occur on more than just the ground. Spills on a ladder or on stairs could lead to some pretty nasty injuries.

If you spill something, or spot a spill, it’s best to clean up right away. If it seems to be happening constantly, try to look for a potential source, such as a leaky pipe. Marking off slippery areas with a wet floor sign is also helpful for letting others know to be careful.

Check the lights

A lot of people forget about the lights when doing workplace housekeeping. However, they’re a very important part of the process. A properly lit up workplace will make it a lot easier for workers to see what they’re doing. This means there’s less of an overall chance of injury.

If you spot a flickering light, don’t wait for it to burn out. Instead, try to replace it with a new one. The last thing you want is for that light to burn out when you’re in the middle of something important or dangerous! It’s also good to inspect overhead light fixtures, to make sure they’re secured and won’t fall.