Being safe on a motorcycle you buy doesn’t just mean you know how to ride it. It also means you keep yourself safe by wearing the right kind of biker gear. These safety essentials are a crucial part of any safe bike riding experience…

Biker Gear: Safety Essentials


The helmet is the one piece of biker gear you always want to wear no matter what. A good helmet is crucial for keeping your head safe in the event of an accident. However, it’s important to get one that offers the best protection. After all, a good helmet is an investment in your safety.

Make sure your helmet fits snug on your head, but not too tight. You shouldn’t feel any pressure, especially on the top of your head and forehead. Always check that the helmet you’re buying has the required Department or Transportation sticker on it as well. That way, you know your helmet is up to snuff.

Protective jackets

Protective jackets are also an important piece of biker gear. Now, standard jackets are better than say just wearing a shirt. However, they can easily get torn up in a crash, and don’t really provide a lot of protection. Therefore, it helps to get a jacket that is designed to protect you.

Many of these protective jackets will come with some extra padding to better protect your body. Plus, these jackets will also be a bit stronger, to help prevent them from bursting. Some will even come with added features, like reflective materials to better improve your visibility as well.

Pants, gloves, and boots

Of course, you can’t forget to get the right kind of biker gear for the rest of your body. For your pants, you’ll want something padded and well-protected, like your jacket. However, while they should be snug, make sure you can still easily move around when you need too.

Gloves and boots are also important, although sometimes overlooked. Your gloves should cover your whole hand, leaving no exposed skin. Try to look for gloves made out of a tough material, like Kevlar. As for your boots, try to get oil- and slip-resistant versions to ensure they have the best grip possible.