Back injuries can be some of the most dangerous workplace injuries. That’s why it’s especially important to take good safety precautions. These precautions can not only help you stay safe, but improve your workplace performance as well…

Back Injuries: Steps For Prevention

Watch how you lift

Overexertion is a common cause of back injuries for workers. Often times, not knowing how to lift heavy objects results in a tweaked or pulled back muscle. These can end up putting you out of commission for some time. However, proper lifting techniques can help reduce this injury risk. 

When lifting, you want to lift using your legs rather than your back. This will transfer the strain to your stronger leg muscles, which are designed to constantly lift and support weight. Once you’ve lifted the object up, keep it at waist level to ensure that it’s in-line with your core. Also, for those very heavy objects, opt for using specialized tools or machines to move them. 

Avoid falls

Back injuries also tend to occur when a worker slips or falls onto their back. While falling from heights increases the chance of serious injury, even a simple slip can cause harm. That’s why it’s important to take steps to reduce these slips or falls from happening. 

Good equipment and precaution goes a long way in preventing slips or falls. Non-slip shoes, for example, help keep a worker’s footing secure while on the job. Safety harnesses also give added safety by ensuring that falling worker will be caught. Any potential slip hazards, like water or oil, should also be marked and cleaned as soon as possible. 

Take time to stretch

Back injuries can happen at practically any job. Even workers who mainly sit at desks can end up injuring their backs over time due to things like poor posture. Muscle tension or strains can result in back injuries occurring when you’d least expect them too. 

There are several different kinds of stretches you can do at work to help loosen your back and reduce any pain. You can pick and choose what stretches work best for you based on your workplace and what kind of pain you feel. Generally, it’s a good idea to try and stretch about every two hours or so the help prevent back injury.