As a truck driver, the most important part of the job is delivering your cargo safe and sound. Still, cargo theft is a huge concern you should be aware of. Taking some extra steps can help ensure your cargo remains in your trailer where it belongs…

Cargo Theft: Protect Your Haul

Watch for hot spots

If you want to prevent cargo theft, then you need to keep an eye out for theft hot spots. These are areas where theft tends to be very common, or could happen very easily. For instance, roads or cities which have a lot of truck passing through them tend to also have high rates of theft.

Another popular hot spot tends to be truck stops. Many truck drivers will stop at these for rest, which leaves their cargo a prime target. Therefore, always be sure to keep an eye out when you enter a hot spot. If you have to stop in them, try to park in well-lit areas close to traffic or where there’s plenty of people.

Secure your trailer

Protecting your trailer is also key for preventing cargo theft. You’d be surprised how many thieves have their jobs made easier by truckers who leave their trailers unlocked. Even then, some thieves may still try their best to break open a lock and get access to the cargo inside.

As a result, it’s useful to invest in some extra protection. Many truckers like to add an extra lock or two on their trailer to make things harder for thieves. Investing in strong, bolt-cutter resistant locks and chains are a great way to prevent even the most determined thieves from breaking into your trailer.

Use security technology

New technology can also help with your efforts to prevent cargo theft. For example, motion sensors can detect any unauthorized movement or access into your trailer. This can be tied to an alarm system, which’ll sound if a thief tries to break in and steal your cargo.

There’s also security cameras, which you can mount on the back of your trailer. That way, if a thief does try to break in, you’ll have a recording of them. This will make it much easier for law enforcement to track them down.