Auto Accident Causes

Below are some of the most common auto accident causes when on the road. We sincerely hope you never need us. But we will be here if you do. Always be safe and watch out for others when driving. Because we depend on each other to get back home. Here are the most dangerous causes of accidents:

Auto Accident Causes – Distracted Driving

Too many drivers simply don’t pay attention to the road. Rather, there are too many pressures and other things on our minds. As a result, many drivers lose focus. Instead, they get stuck in traffic or think about work and just “zone out.” In fact, many say they get to a place and don’t remember how they got there. These drivers stay stopped after the light turns green or go through intersections. When driving, please focus on driving. Lives depend on it.

Auto Accident Causes – Cell Phones

Despite research showing the dangers of talking on the phone, it still occurs routinely. Some states have mandated “hands free” talking. But most states have done nothing to limit this danger. Remember the good old days when we listened to our favorite songs. Now, the car is just another place to return calls and work. As a society, we have lost our focus on what is really important. Sadly, this distraction ends people’s conversations forever.

Auto Accident Causes – Texting

So what is worse than talking on the phone while driving? Texting. Of course. But people still do it. Some studies have shown texting is actually more dangerous than drunk driving. That’s right. Because of the increase in accidents, more states are now outlawing texting while driving. Sadly, legislatures act only after people start dying. Seems like these new laws have not really changed people’s behavior. You see people texting on the road now more than ever. In the end, there is no excuse to text when driving. Surely it can wait. If it can’t wait, then pull over and live to text again. After all, no message is worth dying for. Hold that thought until you’re safe. Then text away.

Auto Accident Causes – Impaired Driving

Of course, no discussion about serious auto accidents is complete without including drunk or impaired driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk driving accidents continue to increase year after year despite tougher laws. Furthermore these accidents are usually the most serious. This is why juries are so harsh in DUI cases even if the BAC level is low.

Avoiding Accidents

auto accident causesAs you can see, there are many distractions for automobile drivers while driving. So when on the road, please focus your full attention and just drive. Look around and see the world in real time. And always remember it takes just an instant to change someone’s life forever – or end it. Also know that your safety is largely in your own hands. But stay alert and always watch for bad drivers. Finally, make sure you always have an “escape route” just in case other drivers do something stupid. Never underestimate other drivers. Stay on defense and get back home to what really matters. Your family.

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