Underinsured Motorist Insurance

What is Underinsured Motorist Insurance?

Underinsured motorist insurance (UIM) coverage protects you if someone does not have enough liability coverage. Seems like most drivers today carry only minimum limits. And in South Carolina, the minimum limits required is only $25,000/$50,000. So what does this mean? If involved in a Fort Mill accident, each person injured can seek up to $25,000. But no matter how many claims, there is only $50,000 available. That is, unless you have underinsured motorist insurance. As a result of better engineering and God’s grace, there are fewer serious injury accidents. However, a serious injury claim can quickly exceed minimum insurance limits. Hence, we strongly encourage everyone to buy as much UIM as they can.

Purchasing Underinsured Motorist Insurance

underinsured motorist insuranceBecause of the low rates, insurance agents does not hard sell UIM coverage. First of all, it only costs a few dollars extra per year. Furthermore, the insurance company assumes more risk for very little extra money. Consequently, selling this insurance is not their first priority. But it should be yours. Here’s why. In relatively minor Fort Mill accidents, the initial medical bills can reach $10,000. If you need an ambulance or transport to Charlotte, costs rise quickly. In addition to medical expenses, lost wages along with pain and suffering will get you to the minimum limits.

While you should be fine in minor accidents, a serious collision changes the equation substantially. In this scenario, your losses will be greater than the available insurance coverage. And then, you are in a financial hole. Sadly, we see this upside down case more and more. As a result, we spend most of our time dealing with health insurance and other liens. Because we never take more than our client, they still recover. But it would be so much more if only there were enough insurance. So take this to heart and go buy underinsured motorist insurance before you need it. It is cheap and protects you and your family. Trust us. We do this for a living.

Fort Mill Accident Attorneys Robert J. Reeves P.C.

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