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Because truck accidents almost always cause serious injury or death, you need experienced truck accident attorneys on your side. Due to the amounts of money involved, insurance companies and their lawyers fight these cases aggressively. As a result, it is critical that you hire lawyers willing to fight hard back. Furthermore, these cases are expensive with accident reconstruction and other experts necessary to prove what happened. So make sure your lawyers have the financial resources to see the case through to the end.

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Truck Accident Cases Are Different

While basic negligence principles still apply, truck crash cases are very complex. In addition, semi truck accidents still create massive injuries and change lives forever. As a result, we look at all possible parties who play a role. Then, we work hard to hold those people and companies accountable. Most certainly, we expect a hard fight by trucking companies and their insurance carriers. Consequently, we team up with Atlanta truck accident lawyer Michael Goldberg to balance the playing field.

How We Do Our Job

The Driver

While we start with the driver, we have to look at everything. Because truck accidents often result from driver fatigue, we need to know how many hours they were on the road. In addition, we check out their training, experience, driving history, criminal record, and whether they were drinking. Surprisingly, almost anyone can become a semi truck driver in as little as 3 weeks. That’s right. Just 3 weeks and you are driving 80,000 pounds down the highway. Consequently, we need to learn all that we can about the driver. But we don’t stop there because there may be other parties responsible.

The Tractor (Truck)truck accident

Once we know about the driver, we turn to the truck or tractor (tractor-trailer). First, we want to know if there were any mechanical problems that caused or contributed to the accident. In addition, we review the maintenance history and service records. For example, scheduled maintenance is necessary to keep trucks in safe working order. Due to high costs, some trucking companies delay service or don’t perform it at all. And guess who pays the price then? We all do.

The Trailer

As a result of potential trailer issues, we also look here for possible negligence. For example, we check the age and for prior accidents that may cause structural issues with the trailer. While not as expensive, trucking companies often use older equipment that can result in load instability or braking problems. Always remember every part of the “tractor trailer” may contribute to a crash. Therefore, we have to consider every possibility in our search for answers. Otherwise, we might miss something important to your case. Don’t worry as we leave no stone unturned.

The Load

As with everything else in a semi truck accident, load size and weight matters. Hence, how a load is placed on a trailer, its weight and physical dimensions can cause mayhem. Because of high industry demands, excessive and unstable loads are becoming more common. And that’s when bad things happen during a sharp turn or hard braking. While some trucking companies load their own trailers, others contract that part out. So if another company loads a trailer, they share responsibility and are accountable. As a result, we look at these issues and investigate their role and possible contribution to the accident. Otherwise, someone who played a part might get away with it. Because of our commitment to these cases, we’re not going to let that happen. That’s our pledge and promise to you.

truck accidentRobert J. Reeves P.C.

Due to our dedication to truck accident cases, our attorneys’ diverse experience help get answers to your questions. As a result of over 27 years practicing law, Mr. Reeves knows how to develop and prepare complex cases for trial. Furthermore, he understands serious injury as he is a former Registered Nurse (RN). Because he used to treat seriously injured patients, Mr. Reeves appreciates what you and your family are going through. In addition to Mr. Reeves, our firm also has former prosecutors who investigate the possible criminal side, including DUI or log book fraud. Consequently, our “team approach” makes sure we cover all bases and learn everything we can about your case. Only then can we start to determine what your case is worth. Just know that throughout the process, we will be there for you and beside you every step of the way.

So if our approach seems like a good fit for you, call us for a sit down meeting. While we learn about your case, we will share what we believe is the best strategy. Then when you are ready, we go after those who caused your accident. That’s our job and our responsibility. And we won’t let you down.

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