Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Liability Insurance and Fort Mill Accidents

While liability insurance is required by law, many drivers nevertheless don’t have it. So how can this be? Rather, isn’t it illegal to drive without it? Yes it is. But it still happens. And we see it regularly in our Fort Mill accident cases. How? Either someone purchases liability coverage and let’s it lapse or they never have it in the first place. Either way, you are not protected. Consequently, uninsured motorist insurance (UM) is critically important as it covers you if injured by an uninsured driver. We explain further.

uninsured motorist insurance

Uninsured Motorist Insurance Is For Your Protection

So here is how this works. First of all, South Carolina law requires minimum liability limits of $25,000/$50,000. Hence, this coverage pays up to $25,000 per claim, or $50,000 total, no matter how many claims. Because most Fort Mill accidents are relatively minor, these amounts are usually enough. But in serious accident cases, you need more insurance coverage to make you whole. As a result, uninsured motorist insurance comes into play. Probably the best way to remember what covers what is this. While liability insurance protects others, uninsured motorist insurance protects you. That’s really all that matters. So make sure you have plenty of both types of coverage. When you need it, it is critical. And chances are you will need it if in a serious vehicle accident. Be safe but be ready.

Typical Medical Bills in Fort Mill Accident Cases

As a result of improved safety design and God’s grace, we see fewer serious injuries from car crashes. Furthermore, even where the collision itself is serious, airbags and other features do their job, and people walk away. While that is great news, victims of head on collisions, motorcycle accidents, and tractor trailer crashes are not so lucky. For these cases, there is rarely enough insurance to cover the losses.

From our experience, a helicopter transport or a single night in a trauma center easily wipes out minimum limits coverage. And where does that leave you? Well, you could be ruined financially from an accident you did not cause. And no one ever expects to be in an accident. Because it can happen in an instant, you must be ready and plan ahead. Consequently, we respectfully tell our clients to have at least $100,000 or more on each vehicle. Maybe you never need it. But better to be safe than sorry.

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