Electric Tools: Using Them Safely

There’s plenty of jobs which use some kind of electric tools. While these tools are pretty handy, they can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Therefore, it’s important to know how you can best use these tools in a safe manner… Electric Tools: Maximize Efficiency Care for the cords As you might imagine, power cords are an especially important element of electric tools. Issues with the cords can cause the tools to malfunction or break. On top of that, they can also pose potential hazards to you as well. Cords which are in bad shape can cause shocks or even fires if left on flammable surfaces. That’s why you need to take good care of these power cords. Avoid carrying a tool by the cord and yanking them out of outlets. Instead, always make sure you pull them out by the plug. Also, check the cords regularly for fraying and other damage. If you see any issues, don’t use the [...]

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Workplace Spills: How To Handle Them

On the surface, workplace spills can seem like relatively minor issues. However, they can actually lead to much bigger problems if one isn't careful. Therefore, it's important to know how to handle them effectively... Workplace Spills: Proper Cleaning Make the spill known The first part of handling a workplace spill is letting others working around you know what's happened. This is key for any kind of spill, but it's especially important if something dangerous has been spilled. For instance, spilling water may just pose a slip risk. Spilling oil or some other chemical could also pose other health hazards, on top of being slippery. Usually, all you need to do is just give out a quick heads-up that something has spilled. Standing by the area for a moment will let others see what they should look out for. If something dangerous has spilled, let everyone in the area know and evacuate if needed. Control and contain Once everyone is aware of [...]

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LED Truck Lights: Why Make The Switch?

Good lighting is very important for truck drivers. Not only will it help them see the road better, but it’ll also help them stay awake on those night hauls. That’s why many truckers are switching to LED truck lights. These lights come with a few advantages over their counterparts… LED Truck Lights: Potential Benefits Compared to incandescents Most trucks will be outfitted with standard incandescent or halogen lights. These have been the standard for years, especially because they’re very cheap. However, LED truck lights have shown themselves to be much better. These lights use 75% less electricity, are smaller, and are more powerful. Plus, they do a much better job at replicated natural light. This makes it easier to stay alert when you have them on. As a result, many drivers are putting them in their headlights, taillights, turn signals, and even inside their cabins. While they may cost a bit more, prices have been going down, and the benefits outweigh [...]

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Early Shifts: How To Prepare

Having to work at irregular hours can be pretty rough, especially if you aren't used to it. While many people have to work overnight, others will have to adapt to early shifts. However, there are some ways you can prepare yourself and get the rest you need for your job... Early Shifts: How To Prepare Do some self-care Having to adjust for early shifts can put a lot of stress on you body. As a result, it's important you practice some healthy self-care. Not only will this help you de-stress, but it'll also help you fall asleep easier. That way, you can adapt to your new schedule much faster. Exercising is helpful because not only will it help improve your overall health, but it'll also help you burn extra energy and make it easier to sleep. Eating healthier will also be useful. A balanced diet will let you avoid eating fatty, high-calorie foods before bed. It's also good to avoid things [...]

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Coronavirus Protection: Steps To Take

While it's always important to try and avoid sickness at work, the current coronavirus needs more advanced measures. Coronavirus protection is something anyone still working will want to practice. That way, they can perform their essential tasks and reduce the risk of infection... Coronavirus Protection: What To Do Wear protective gear Wearing the right protective gear is an important part of coronavirus protection. The virus can be transmitted both by touch and through the air. Therefore, things like gloves and face masks are essential for workers to wear. This is especially true if they have to be in contact with the public. Ideally, the gloves used will be anti-bacterial. If that isn't possible, then other plastic gloves can work, so long as one changes them throughout the day. Workers should also wear face masks at all time. The CDC encourages people to wear cloth masks instead, as health care workers need medical masks. Clean things off Constant cleaning is also key [...]

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Spring Showers: Handle The Rain

While it might be nice to no longer need to deal with winter storms, the spring can also bring its own dangers. In particular, it's important to watch for spring showers. Not knowing how to handle the rain could put you at a higher risk of an accident... Spring Showers: Keeping Control Slow down When encountering spring showers, it's important to first slow down. One of the biggest risks when driving in the rain is hydroplaning. After all, it only takes 1/12th of an inch of water for your tires to lose grip! If you're going too fast when this occurs, then it'll become very hard to keep control of your truck. Therefore, slow down to a manageable, safe speed. This might place you below the speed limit, but it's much better to be safe rather than sorry. Other drivers will understand, and probably do the same out of similar concerns. Give enough distance It's also important to watch your following [...]

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Delivery Driving Safety: Handy Methods

While a lot of workers are spending more time at home recently, delivery drivers are in high demand. Therefore, it's good to know some delivery driving safety fundamentals. That way, if you find yourself doing some driving, you can do your best to keep yourself healthy... Delivery Driving Safety: Key Steps Lift & stretch properly Lifting and stretching properly are some important fundamentals of delivery driving safety. Depending on what kind of things you deliver, you may need to move around heavy packages. Not lifting them properly could cause some serious damage, especially to your back. Therefore, it's good to practice some smart lifting techniques. This will help reduce the strain placed on your body. If possible, you should also use things like handcarts for those very-heavy packages. Be sure to stretch as well, in order to keep your muscles relaxed after constant lifting, moving, and sitting in the car or truck. Wear the right equipment Good equipment is also a [...]

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Trucker Behavior: Common Questions

If you don’t have a lot of experience with truck driving, then some certain trucker behavior might leave you confused. However, all of these things do have a valid reason behind them. Knowing why drivers will do things can help you understand the trucker decision making process… Trucker Behavior: Common Questions Travel side-by-side One example of trucking behavior people question is when trucks will drive side-by-side. Most people have experienced this before, usually on the highway. Two trucks will be following one another, until one moves over into the opposite lane. This confuses a lot of people, because it seems to just block traffic for everyone else. The thing is, truck drivers are aware that this can be a nuisance. Still, they do have to abide by certain speed limits. Therefore, while one might be trying to pass the other, they can’t just fly past them. That means it’ll take them a bit longer to get ahead. Going through yellow lights [...]

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Bad Trucking Habits: What Not To Do

Everyone has some bad habits that are for the most part harmless. However, bad trucking habits can actually be pretty dangerous. Therefore, it's important to know what kind of habits you should try to break... Bad Trucking Habits: What Not To Do Procrastinate One of the bad trucking habits to avoid is procrastinating. Putting things off until the last minute might've been doable in school. But, doing so now could end up costing you your job. That's exactly why you don't want to wait to plan your trucking routes until you're about to leave. If you procrastinate, then you could miss important announcements about traffic, construction, or the weather. This can leave you scrambling to try and find an alternative. Furthermore, you'll also end up rushing to try and get to your destination, which could cause you to try more riskier than usual. Using your phone Smartphones are pretty handy devices for truck drivers. They can act as a way to [...]

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Trucker Health: Avoid Sickness

Many jobs have been limiting their hours or shutting down due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, some truckers may still find themselves needing to work. In these cases, it's good to know how to maximize trucker health. That way, they can avoid getting sick themselves as best as they can... Trucker Health: Avoid Sickness Eat healthy One good way to boost trucker health is by eating healthy. It's tempting for truck drivers to eat a lot of fast food, due to it's convenience. Still, eating unhealthy foods tends to be bad for the immune system. Furthermore, you have to consider how many different people will be in contact with your food before you eat it. Instead, it's a good idea to pack your own, healthy foods. You'll especially want to focus on immune system boosting foods, like citrus fruits, yogurt, spinach, and almonds. It can also be handy to take extra vitamins or immune system boosters to supplement your [...]

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