Delayed Symptoms of Injury Following an Accident

The moments after an accident can be very chaotic. The people involved often feel scared and flustered. If you do not experience outward injuries, it may seem like a good idea to skip seeking medical treatment. But some injuries are not easy to detect, and your adrenaline is usually rushing. Therefore, delayed symptoms are extremely common following an accident. If you do not pay attention to them, it is possible that those untreated ailments will cause serious harm over time. Therefore, paying attention to these symptoms is essential. If you experience any of these problems after an accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Delayed Symptoms to Watch for Following an Accident Watch for Headaches One of the most important symptoms to be aware of is headaches. If you develop a headache after an accident, it is a tell tale sign that something is not right. It may be indicator that you are suffering from a concussion, or a head/neck injury. [...]

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Tips for Avoiding A Car Accident

A car accident sometimes cannot be avoided. But, there are a few things you can do to best keep yourself out of harms way. There is no predicting an accident, but you do have the ability to follow these simple steps that might help you keep yourself and your car out of harms way. Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident: Quick Ways to Have a Safe Trip Look twice when pulling out from a stop sign While this one might seem obvious, a lot of people don’t take the time to do it! Not to mention, a lot of people aren’t too great at managing a stop sign when there are multiple cars involved. The easiest rule to follow: whoever came to a full stop first, goes first. This continues from one layer of cars to the other. But, when you’re all by yourself— it is easy to take that stop sign lightly. But it is illegal to roll a stop [...]

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Common Post-Accident Mistakes

Getting into a car accident is pretty hectic. Whether you’ve been injured or not, you’re in a state of confusion and worry. Where do we go from here? What will this cost me? How will I get to work tomorrow? Your brain is working a mile a minute and during this time, it becomes extremely easy to make mistakes in how you handle the process. From taking information, to taking pictures— there are a few common post-accident mistakes that people make time and time again. While it might not seem to matter all that much, taking these steps can keep you from losing out on compensation. Common Post-Accident Mistakes Admitting Guilt Do not be so quick to utter those words ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I merged into their lane’. The truth is, you might not know. And admitting fault to any degree can really come back to bite you when it comes down to technicalities and receiving compensation. That person might have [...]

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Mechanical Failure Accidents: Keys to Avoiding Them

Mechanical failure can be the source of tractor trailer accidents at any given point in time. Factors such as tire and brake failure can present problems to truck driver's at any point in time. When these issues occur while on the road, they create safety risks for the driver and others on the road. However, some of these crashes are avoidable. Here are a few ways to avoid crashes due to mechanical failure. Mechanical Failure: Common Problems and Keys to Avoiding Them Brake Failure.. Brake failure may not always mean a driver's brakes do not work. If a driver needs his brakes and they fail to react quickly, this is still a case of brake failure. Since tractor trailers are so heavy, a lot of stress sits on those brakes. Performing regular brake check-ups and tests can help you to be sure that they are responding correctly. Wheel and Hub Failure.. It is also common for trucking accidents to be the result of [...]

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Common Car Accident Injuries

Injuries following a car accident are very common. Whether the accident was minor or major, chances are you’ll walk away with some sort of residual pain. The impact of a car accident is quite often unexpected. Often, you have no means of bracing for the trauma or preparing yourself for what’s to come. Common car accident injuries are not limited to the physical body. The brain is a tricky organ— and impact can have damaging, and lasting, effects. Common Car Accident Injuries Lacerations and Bruising Quite obviously, if you were in an accident that jars you at all— it is likely that you will have some bruising. After all, you were just part of a car accident. Minor cuts and bruises are the most common of any car accident injury, being that they are typically 'the bare minimum' when it comes to crash injury. Concussion Concussions are among the most common car accident injuries, and depending on the severity— you can [...]

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Chiropractic Care Following an Accident

Often times following a car crash, you will be left with some degree of pain. Whiplash and concussions are extremely common following any sort of vehicle accident, especially if you are rear-ended. Many times people will ignore the pain, oratory to fight it off themselves. But, the truth is, a chiropractor is just the person you need to see. Chiropractic care following a car crash is essential to get your body back to 100%. While you might think you can conquer this on your own— chances are, you’ll be left with some residual pain. Chiropractic Care Following an Accident What are the benefits? Chiropractic care is a natural, non-invasive way to combat back and neck pain. Chiropractors have expertise when it comes to your bones, muscles, and tissues— and they will be able to readjust your body back to where it was—  maybe even a little better. Also, you have limitless options. There are more formal settings, or quick drop-in spots [...]

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Minor Vehicle Accidents: Protecting Yourself and Your Claim

If you have just been involved in a minor accident, chances are— you’re a little out of it. Trying to make sense of the next move can be difficult. So, we have a quick little list for you to follow. Below, we will lay out all the necessary steps to take. That way, you have what you need when it comes to insurance, your health, and dealing with the other party— even if thinking on your feet isn't your strong suit at the moment. Minor vehicle accidents are not uncommon. But, neither is the potential for false claims or improper reimbursement. So what can you do to make sure that you, and the other party, are protected? Minor Vehicle Accidents: What Steps You Should Take If Possible, move the vehicle If you and your vehicles are in the condition to move out of the roadway— start with that. Trying to hash out the details while blocking a lane can cause unnecessary [...]

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Jury Misconduct At Trial | Fort Mill Personal Injury Attorneys

Because a jury holds your fate in their hands, it is critical to get a fair and impartial one. Whether you win, what type of relief, and amount of damages are all decided by the jury. Therefore, when a jury is biased or otherwise improper, you are cheated out of your rights. Instead, to be effective, a trial must be both fair and just. Consequently, Lynch v. Carolina Self Storage Centers, Inc. explores jury misconduct and possible remedies. Jury Misconduct at Trial While Lynch was moving furniture out of a storage unit, she injured her heel on a door. Subsequently, Lynch sued the storage company. However, the jury found Lynch fifty percent at fault and reduced her award. Rather than accept the verdict, Lynch moved for a new trial claiming the jury ignored her noneconomic damages. In addition, the defense moved for judgment notwithstanding the verdict, but the court decided against both requests. After the trial, the jury foreperson told Lynch’s attorney that the jury used improper information during deliberations. [...]

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Third Party Crimes | Fort Mill Personal Injury Lawyers

Liability for Third Party Crimes While injury claims on the road and at work are clear, third party crimes are different. Rather, can someone be liable for third party crimes cause your injury? Hence, the answer depends on the individual facts of your case. Furthermore, it depends on the duty owed to the person harmed. And finally, it depends on what that person did to meet that duty. Lord v. D & J Enterprises, Inc. is a case where this issue is clarified by the Court. Case Facts D & J operated businesses involving check cashing, pay day lending, and motor vehicle title lending. While it had iron bars over windows and bulletproof glass, little was done to protect customers. Lord went to this location to get money wired to her. As she approached the teller’s window, a man seated nearby stood. He then pulled out a pistol, shot Lord in the head and back, and tried to rob the location. Lord sued D [...]

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Light Duty Restrictions | Fort Mill Workers Comp Attorney

While recovering from your injuries, the treating doctor will eventually release you to return to work with light duty restrictions. So how does this affect your weekly check? Light Duty Restrictions and Weekly Benefits Because the goal is to get you back to work, the doctor will put you on light duty restrictions. For example, there could be limitations on how much you can lift or carry. In addition, you may only work up to so many hours a day for a period of time. While this is often difficult, doctors commonly use this approach to slowly ease you back into work. Either you stay at home and heal completely or start back at your job while you finish recovering. So how does this affect your weekly pay? While written out of work completely, you get a weekly check that is 2/3 of your average pay. However, when working part-time or restricted duty, you get partial workers comp benefits and partial job pay. But before [...]

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