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The Death Wobble: Motorcyclist Nightmares 

Every motorcycle rider is aware, and shudders at the sound of, the death wobble. When you're riding a motorcycle at high speed, you might lose control of the bike, and find yourself spiraling out of control. This is every rider's worst nightmare, and is unfortunately easy to find yourself in if you don't ride with caution at all times. The Death Wobble: Motorcyclist Nightmares A video hit the web a few years back that showed a rider heading down the highway at top speed. The clip was eighteen seconds long, and shows the bike swerving back and forth quickly. You will notice the wobble because it goes fast from side to side. It's hard to come back from, and often results in a biker having to lay his bike down as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the bike will spiral and take you with it. The motorcyclist was finding a way to stabilize the bike by using one hand. Therefore, he continued to [...]

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Workplace Fire Safety: Setting Emergency Standards

Coming across a fire can be quite daunting. You'll likely want to try and minimize the damage, as well keeping yourself safe. However, it can be difficult to act in the moment if you aren't familiar with workplace fire safety protocols. After all, you were hired years ago, and 'did we even cover that during my training?' When it comes to workplace fire safety, many industries don't quite have a standard, or plan of attack, put into place. So, how do you respond in this scenario? While worker's injuries are typically limited to slips, falls, lacerations, and so forth— a fire-related injury is absolutely possible. Workplace Fire Safety: Setting Emergency Standards Prevention As an employer, the most important thing you can do to promote workplace fire safety, is to make sure all detectors and equipment are in proper working order. This means that all smoke detectors have functioning batteries, all fire extinguishers are in the correct place, and all sprinklers are in working [...]

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Worker’s Comp and Health Insurance: Questions about Your Benefits

When you're dealing with a work-related injury, you will find that you have a lot of questions about health insurance. In the event that you become injured, it's important that you understand your rights as an injured worker, your benefits, and how it affects your health insurance. Therefore, we've put together a list of common questions, as well as answers, when it comes to your work-related injury and health insurance. Health Insurance and Worker's Comp: Questions About Your Benefits Who is responsible for my medical bills?  First things first, when it comes to a work injury, your employer should cover any medical treatment. Whether that be doctor's visits, exams, tests, x-rays... you name it, it's the responsibility of your employer. However, that is not to say that your employer will be providing health insurance to you, and your family. Worker's comp benefits and health insurance are two separate coverages entirely. Therefore, unless it is related to the injury you received on [...]

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Winter Workplace Accidents: Common Types and Causes

In the Carolinas, our winters consist of a little bit more cold than precipitation. It seems that, when it comes to snow and ice, we only face a serious case once every few years. However, if you're working during those stormy times, it can be easy too obtain winter workplace accidents and serious injury. While the weather itself is not common, injury is. When you take into consideration the fact that we, as Carolinians, don't typically take much time to prep ourselves for winter weather (besides the bread and milk), you can see why these injuries are common. But, what exactly are these injuries? And what do I need to watch out for as an employee, and an employer?  Winter Workplace Accidents: Common Types and Causes Slip and falls Most obviously, slips and falls are the most common winter workplace accidents, no matter the field. When walkways become slick, the ground is hard, and even the morning dew is freeing over— [...]

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Workplace Infections: How to Avoid Spreading Them

When it comes to spreading illness, the work place is one of the most dangerous areas for it. While close quarters may make for tightly-knit coworkers, it can also make for an easy way to share sickness. So here's some tips for ways to prevent workplace infections. Workplace Infections Hand Hygiene While it may seem elementary, you can't stress the importance of washing hands enough. Our hands carry tons of germs. As we go through the office touching papers, cups, keyboards and more, we pass those germs to each item we touch. Then the next person comes along using the same items and contracts those germs, thereby spreading workplace infections. So by washing our hands thoroughly and frequently, we can prevent the sharing of germs and sickness. Knowing When to Stay Out While everyone appreciates a hard worker, it's good to have a balance. That can mean knowing when to stay out work. Even thought going in and being able to [...]

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Maximum Medical Improvement: Why It Matters 

When it comes to your personal injury case, there's one term you'll want to be familiar with. That term is maximum medical improvement or MMI. But what does that mean and why does it matter to you? Here's what you need to know about maximum medical improvement and your injury case. Maximum Medical Improvement: Why It Matters What is MMI? Maximum Medical Improvement is the day your recovery is over. But it's important to understand what that means because it can sound deceiving. In short, you may never fully heal from your injury. Depending on the type of injury and the circumstances around it, you may suffer from lasting effects. However, at some point, those effects should not get any worse. And that is when you reach MMI. That means you've recovered as much as you are going to and now the job is to maintain your medical state. As you may can guess, your doctor provides your MMI date. Once [...]

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Playground Equipment Injuries: Protecting Your Kid

When it comes to your kids, you don't want to do anything that puts them in harms way. But we often don't think about how dangerous playground equipment can be. While you want to let them have fun and be a child, it's important to take steps to prevent injury. So here's a few tips for preventing playground equipment injuries. Playground Equipment Injuries: Tips for Safe Playdates Check the Chains One of the most common playground equipment injuries comes from swing sets. In many cases, swings are hanging by broken or defective chains. Before putting your child in the swing, check to make sure the chains are in good shape. If they appear old or rusty, you should avoid this swing. Too often these chains break due to the weight of the child swinging. Then your child can face serious injuries in the fall. Be Aware of Heights In many cases, playgrounds extend to fairly tall heights. Some may sit roughly [...]

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Worker’s Comp Period Mistakes: What To Avoid In Your Off-time

When you're out of work for a work-related injury, every single thing you do can impact your case. During a worker's comp period, you'll want to make sure that you're being cautious when it comes to a few different things. By following these guidelines, you'll make sure that your claim is safe, you're well-informed, and there are no negative outcomes. Worker's Comp Period Mistakes: What To Avoid In Your Off-time Don't post your activities on social media You might not think about it, but it's quite easy for your employer to check and see what you're up to when you're posting on social media. Furthermore, when you're out of work due to an injury, but someone takes your picture while bowling— it might show that your abilities are a little more than doctor's orders. While you might have been cautious, and minding your injury, the pictures tell a different story. By doing this, you might give your employer an opportunity to [...]

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Restaurant Injuries: More Common than You Might Think 

There are plenty of dangerous jobs which make up a large portion of worker's compensation injuries every year. When you think of dangerous jobs, you probably think of construction, electrical, and jobs along those lines. However, what you might not realize, is that restaurant injuries are also quite common. In fact, they make up quite a large portion of worker's comp claims each and every year. Although you might think of a restaurant as a pretty safe place to work, there are a lot of different danger zones from front, to back of house... Restaurant Injuries: More Common than You Might Think Restaurant injuries are quite common, and the types of them are quite obvious. For example, when you think of what goes on in a restaurant— you can likely assume the types of injuries that occur... Cuts and lacerations One of the most common types of restaurant injuries are cuts. If you think about it, the most labor intensive part [...]

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Emotional Side Effects of Personal Injury: Healing Mentally and Physically

Dealing with a personal injury case, and the injuries that led to it, can be particularly difficult. You're having to deal with the case itself, as well as trying to heal and get back to 100%. In short, there are plenty of emotional side effects of a personal injury case. You're grieving your loss of mobility, you're likely stressed over recovery, amongst other feelings. For this reason, those emotions can be difficult to overcome... Emotional Side Effects of Personal Injury: Healing Mentally and Physically Fear and Anxiety Fear and anxiety are some of the most pressing amongst the community of newly injured peoples. You have fear over healing, getting back to your normal self, and medical bills. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury, you may or may not be the one paying for these injuries. Either way, seeing those numbers stack up can be pretty daunting. Especially if you'll have to be to of work for a while. Healing can [...]

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