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Outdoor Safety Tips: How To Work In the Heat

When it comes to South Carolina summers, only one word can describe them--hot. Because of the heat and humidity, working outside can become dangerous. So here's some outdoor safety tips to keep you safe while working in the heat. Outdoor Safety Tips: What Is Heat Illness Understand the Risk  In order to really understand outdoor safety tips, you first must understand your risk. When you spend long hours in the sun and heat, it puts you at risk of suffering from heat illness. In short, heat illness can cover a variety of a few different problems that stem from being in the heat. That includes heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. It Can Get Ugly, Quick  Normally, when you become too hot, your body has a really gross way of cooling itself down--sweat. When you sweat, that's actually your own body working to cool down. But when you deal with hot temperatures, especially with high humidity, that may not be [...]

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Hamstring Recovery Mistakes | Fort Mill Accident Attorney

When it comes to heavy lifting, most of the movement behind the muscles comes from your glutes and hamstring. So it's no mistake that hamstring injuries can be pretty common in the work place. But just because they're common doesn't make them any less painful or any easier to treat. In fact, here's some hamstring recovery mistakes you'll certainly want to avoid. Hamstring Recovery Mistakes No Compression  One of the common hamstring recovery mistakes is no compressing after the injury. In short, compression allows you to keep the injured muscle compressed, most of the time with a sleeve. This pressure allows more oxygen to flow to the injury and helps reduce and prevent swelling. Therefore, compression can do a lot to help your hamstring heal. No Elevation  Trying to make it through a hamstring injury without elevation is not a good idea. Similar to compressing, elevating your hamstring can help reduce swelling and inflammation. While getting your hamstring lifted high enough [...]

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Wet Braking: How to Stop In the Rain 

When it comes to riding in the rain, wet roads are not your friend. However, sometimes you forget to check the weather app and the sky opens up. So what do you do?  Riding on wet roads makes simple task, like braking, become dangerous. So here's some tips for wet braking and managing your motorcycle on wet roads. Wet Braking: How to Stop In the Rain Play it cool and keep it smooth  One of the most important things to remember when wet braking is to keep it smooth. By doing this, you'll get the best performance from your brakes. So instead of clamping down, just apply slow pressure to ease into a stop. This will keep your front or rear wheels from locking up. Once you've eased in with a slow but steady braking application, then you can add more pressure to reach your full stop. Avoid the Lines  Believe it or not, the paint on the roads can be [...]

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Mental Recovery: Tips for Getting Over Your Injury

When you suffer an injury, it can be more than just hard on your body. In addition to causing physical pain, an injury can defeat you mentally and emotionally. So here's a few tips for mental recovery as you recover from an injury. Mental Recovery: Tips for Getting Over Your Pain Throw Yourself a Pity Party  After going through an injury, you may become discouraged. You may be in pain, you'll become less active, and may just feel useless. Odds are, you'll have to take time away from work. So you'll miss your routine and maybe even your paycheck. It's a tough time. So in order to take care of your mental recovery, the first step is to throw yourself a pity party. Allow yourself to take some time and feel sad about your injury and accept where you are. Remember That You Are Not Your Work  When you work at a company or within a certain field for some time, [...]

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Beginning Biker Mistakes: How Do I Avoid Them 

When it comes to motorcycles, you have to give yourself some time to account for the learning curve. While you get the hang of your bike, just know you're going to make some mistakes. However, there's a few common beginning biker mistakes you'll want to be sure to avoid. Beginning Biker Mistakes: What Are They and How Do You Avoid Them Poor Clutch Control  One of the most common beginning biker mistakes is having poor clutch control. In general, a lot of new riders don't allow the clutch to be steady and fluid. Instead they use it as quick switch. One way to avoid this mistake is by practicing. In fact, you want to try practicing on a slight incline, as this will be tricky when you hit the road. Following Too Closely  Following too closely behind other vehicles is also one of the more common beginning biker mistakes. Since most people do this when driving their cars, it often translates [...]

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Foggy Roadways? How to Ride your Bike Safely

Riding your bike through the mountains of North Carolina can be incredibly beautiful. North Carolina boasts beautiful mountain peaks, winding roads, and a view of a lifetime at sunset. For this reason, riding down those roads is almost a right of passage for motorcycle riders the country over. There's no denying it's beautiful. However, there's also no denying that these mountain roads experience a lot of fog. Riding in the fog can be quite dangerous for motorcyclists, but it doesn't have to be. So, we've come up with a few tips on how to conquer those foggy roadways on your bike. That way, you don't have to risk injury, or skip the experience altogether. Instead, just practice caution! Foggy Roadways? How to Ride your Bike Safely 1. Reduce Your Speed  First, a driver should reduce their speed. In any poor weather conditions, the first thing to do is slow your roll. Posted speed limits are a good gauge, but they typically apply to good [...]

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Seat Belt Necessity: Why is it so Important?

We all know that wearing a seat belt is way safer than the alternative. Say you get hit, or hit someone. Having a seat belt on can work wonders to keep you locked in place, and minimize the damage you receive from the accident. Nowadays, most people seem to understand the necessity behind them, but do they understand why? Aside from it being the law, there's good bit of science behind why a seat belt does what it does... Seat Belt Necessity: Why is it so Important? Their Job First of all, seat belts have the important job of keeping the impact of a crash from tossing you around. For instance, say you are traveling 50 miles per hour down the road, when you must abruptly stop. In that case, your cars stops quickly but your body continues to move in the same direction at the same speed. Without that trusty belt, your body has nothing in place to keep it [...]

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Independence Day Ride Tips

When it comes to July 4th celebrations, nothing feels better than hitting the open roads on your bike. But since this can be the most dangerous day on the road, you'll want to be extra careful. So here's some safety tips for your Independence Day Ride. Independence Day Ride Tips Don't Drink and Drive  The first and most important rule for your Independence Day ride is to not drink and drive. If there's any chance of you drinking on your ride, plan a way home. First of all, drinking and driving is illegal. But since so many people do it on July 4th, there will be officers everywhere, setting up checkpoints and looking for intoxicated drivers. Therefore, there's a good chance you'll end up facing DWI charges and that's not worth it. But not only is it illegal, it's dangerous. You have enough dangers to face on your motorcycle already without adding impaired driving to the list. You need to be [...]

By | July 3rd, 2018|

Common Misconceptions about Bikers: They’re Actually Just Like Us…

As a motorcycle rider, you're used to the common misconceptions about you. People believe you're reckless, a bad driver, and have a bad temper. It's this old school view on bikers as the outsiders in society. However wrong it may be, many people still hold onto this sentiment. Unlike other riders, who know that they are doctors, lawyers, police officers, mothers, and fathers just like you— passenger car driver tend to push all the blame onto you because you're different than they are. Common Misconceptions about Bikers: They're Actually Just Like Us... Bikers are so reckless People always assume that the biker is at fault when they see an accident in the roadway. When, at the end of the day, motorcycles require that passenger car drivers pay better attention in the roadway. They aren't a liability. Rather, they just require that you be an alert, safe, and thoughtful driver. When other vehicles can't do that, there is often a resulting crash. However, bikers [...]

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Recovering Personal Injury Damages Post-accident

No one expects to get into an accident of any kind. But, unfortunately, accidents do occur. And when they do, they can cause quite a bit of damage. For instance, you could end up suffering from serious injuries that require lifelong medical care. If you find yourself in this position, those medical expenses can be quite costly. So, we're going to walk you through recovering personal injury damages post-accident. Recovering Personal Injury Damages Post-accident Before we start, it's important that you keep in mind that these vary on a case by case basis. Therefore, it's important that you speak with an attorney to discuss your options... Past Medical Expenses By the time you get to trial, it could have been months, or even years, since the accident. Because of this, you may recover past medical expenses if a jury decides that the expenses are reasonable and necessary. But, not just any medical bill will count for this. If the medical bill is [...]

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