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Alcohol’s Long Term Effects on the Body

While we mostly consider only the fun aspects of drinking, there can be some negative side effects as well. When it comes down to it, the negative effects we consider while drinking are either drinking too much or, the classic hangover. But, there are some long term effects consistent with regular drinking that can affect your mental and physical state. While we don't like to consider how some of our favorite weekend activities can negatively affect us— it's important to take into consideration... Alcohol's Long Term Effects: What Is Drinking Doing To Your Body? Depression One of the most common long term effects of alcohol is depression. For a lot of people, depression can lead to a drinking problem, When dealing with depression, people may turn to drinking as a way to cope. But many studies are finding that heavy drinking can actually cause depression. Therefore, this becomes a vicious circle. A person drinks because they feel depressed but over time, [...]

By | April 11th, 2018|

Faulty Car Seats, Product Liability, and Common Defect

Your child and their safety is your main concern as a parent. In turn, you want a car seat that is reliable, and will do it's job to keep your child safe in the event of an accident. Therefore, faulty car seats are a pretty big safety issue when it comes to your little ones. Being that automobile accidents happen everyday, you want to take every precaution possible to protect your child. But, in the event that your chosen safety device is defective— there is only so much you can do. So what can you, as a parent, watch out for? That way, you can be sure that your child is as safe as possible. Faulty Car Seats and Product Liability: Most Common Car Seat Defects Faulty latch/buckles. One common type of car seat defect is a faulty latch or buckles. In the case of buckles, if they are too loose, they can fail to protect your child in the case [...]

By | April 10th, 2018|

Defective Airbags and Product Liability

Defective airbags can sometimes be more dangerous than not having one at all. For the most part, airbags help prevent injuries during a car accident. But in some cases, they can be defective. In the event of a defect, the airbag may not deploy correctly or in the right time. So while they are trying to provide safety, a defective one can actually cause harm rather than safe you during a crash. Defective Airbags and Product Liability: Types of Defective Airbags In general, there can be three ways in which an airbag is defective. First of all, there may be a problem with the manufacturer design. Second, there could be a problem with the build of the airbag. For instance, it could be missing a component or has a piece that is not working properly. And lastly, it could be that someone did not install the airbag correctly. Any one of these failures can cause some serious problems when it comes to [...]

By | April 5th, 2018|

Accidental Hotel Falls: Who Is Responsible?

While most hotels take good measure to provide a comfortable stay, and a safe environment, accidents still occur. They are, after all, accidents. However, the high amount of traffic makes hotel injuries quite common. Hotels typically have heavy foot traffic; a constant flow of people coming in, and going out. Because of this, they see quite a few spills— no pun intended. Accidental hotel falls can lead to serious injury, which can become quite costly to treat. You might not want to pursue a lawsuit but, when you're facing hefty medical bills, it might become your only option. Accidental Hotel Falls: When To Take Legal Action Any slip and fall that leads to serious injuries may be a cause for legal action. To determine if you have a case, you should consider a few different criteria... Did the fall take place because of a dangerous condition? An example of this could be a spill in the lobby, or a slick bathroom near [...]

By | April 3rd, 2018|

Personal Injuries from Hair Salons

You may think this is a joke, but hair salons can actually cause a lot of damage. A lot of hairstyling procedures use chemicals that can cause severe burns to your scalp if they are not applied carefully. The most common hair procedure that can lead to injury is the "Brazilian Blowout". It can lead to perm burns if it is not done correctly. Other names for this procedure include: Brazilian Hair Straightening Perm, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, and Liquid Keratin. The result of this done wrong can range anywhere from a minor burn to third degree burns, causing scaring and hair loss. Personal Injuries from Hair Salons How do perm burns occur? Unfortunately, most of these burns are actually preventable. If only hairstylists could follow the directions on the products labeling! A perm burn can occur when some of the chemical touches someone's skin or scalp. The products that hairstylists use can contain chemicals like lye, formaldehyde, and calcium hydroxide. When [...]

By | March 30th, 2018|

Unrelated Injuries: Forms of Medical Malpractice

Unrelated injuries take place when a doctor causes an injury while trying to treat another. Imagine going into the operating room to have surgery on your lower back. In that case, you expect to come out of the surgery with a healed disc. But, what if while working on the spine the doctor hit something that damaged other vertebrae? As a result, you lose some range of motion in your upper body. In another example, you are undergoing surgery to remove your gal bladder. But at some point, the doctor's wires become crossed and he removes your appendix instead. Unrelated injuries are a not-so-common type of medical malpractice. While any medical malpractice can be dangerous, unrelated injuries can be especially harmful— being that they introduce a new injury. Unrelated Injuries as a Form of Medical Malpractice Though they do not happen very often, there is the potential for these types injuries. While the doctor attempts to fix one thing, he actually ends [...]

By | March 28th, 2018|

Trampoline Park Injuries: Using Caution While Having Fun

Trampoline park injuries are becoming more common as popularity explodes. In the Charlotte area alone, we have more than 5 parks which are home to plenty of trampolines, jumping pits, and other fun activities. But, while these places can be loads of fun, they also present some potentially dangerous conditions that might lead to injury. So, what can I, as a parent, look out for while still allowing my kids to have fun? Trampoline Park Injuries: Using Caution While Having Fun Sprains. By far, the most common injury that comes from these parks is sprains. Whether its an ankle or wrist sprain, twisting these ligaments can be painful. Thankfully, most of the time these injuries only require rest and ice. In some cases of really bad sprains, you may be in a boot or wrist sleeve. Broken bones. In the case of more serious injuries, some may suffer broken bones. Due to the nature of jumping and flipping around, a lot of [...]

By | March 26th, 2018|

Calculating Pain and Suffering in Personal Injury Cases

It can be quite difficult when dealing with a personal injury, to figure out the cost of your troubles. Calculating pain and suffering can be tricky, but when it comes to your case, it's entirely necessary. But how do you calculate the amount of time spent in pain, discomfort, and out of work? Yes, it can be quite tricky sometimes. But it's part of the process for you to receive rightful compensation. So, where do you start? And what does 'pain and suffering' entail? Calculating Pain and Suffering: What Does It Mean? In personal injury cases, pain and suffering is a term that applies to many issues that can stem from your injury. By using this term, we can cover these issues and list them under damages you suffered from the injury. Since this is a blanket term, it can apply to many issues that can be temporary or permanent. For example, this term can apply to physical pain and discomfort. [...]

By | March 26th, 2018|

Accident vs Incident: Whats the Difference

If you're sharing a situation that was an accident, or incident, it is likely that you use those words interchangeably. However, these two words mean different things. When it comes to re-telling the situation, it is important that we choose the right word. But what's the difference between accident vs incident? And what's the big deal if we use one or the other? Accident vs Incident: What's the Difference? Defining an incident. In general, when defining an incident we say it is an unplanned, undesired event that hinders completion of a task and that has the potential to cause injury, illness, or damage. By this term, incident merely has the potential to cause an injury. That means it does not have to result in one. Also note that unplanned and undesired does not mean it was unable to prevent or prepare for. Defining an accident. Similarly, but not the same, an accident means an event that resulted in an injury, illness, or damage. [...]

By | March 23rd, 2018|

Childhood Injuries: Common Types For All Ages

As a parent you always want to protect your child from any danger. But, the fact of the matter is, many things can be dangerous to kids that we often overlook. Childhood injuries can be a scary thing to go through, and the most common injuries vary by age group. But the good news is, plenty of them are preventable... Childhood Injuries: Common Types For Different Ages Age 0-1 For newborns to one year olds, the most common childhood injuries are hard to categorize. At such a young age, many issues that would only result in injury for older kids, cause serious and life-threatening problems for infants. Suffocation is extremely prevalent. One way to prevent suffocation is to make sure their crib is clear, their faces stay unobstructed, and you cannot fall asleep while holding them. The risk for suffocation is extremely high if you fall asleep while holding your baby. For example, you doze off with baby on your chest on the [...]

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