Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

Because avoiding motorcycle accidents is so important, it should always be your top priority. Seems like no one ever thinks they will be in an accident. But unless you always on alert, this can happen to you. So in this article, we show you ways to stay safe and get back home. While we will summarize some of the ways, click here for more information.

avoiding motorcycle accidents

Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents Safety Tips

Motorcycle Training Courses

First of all, start with a certified motorcycle riding safety course. So whether you are new to riding or have not done it in awhile, learn the basics. Then, once properly trained, practice what you learn every time you are on the road. Probably the best way to stay safe is to ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings. Almost always, you can see and avoid dangerous road and traffic conditions. And if you follow these basic safety rules, you will live to ride another day.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Whether you buy new or used, have your bike checked out and serviced professionally. Furthermore, check things over again when not used for awhile. Because maintenance issues often happen slowly, it is best to look things over before every ride. Also, don’t skip or wait to do regular maintenance as well. While it is more fun to just ride, take care of the little things also. After all, if you take care of your bike, it will take care of you.

Safety Gear

In addition to regular maintenance, you should also spend the money to get good safety gear. Most of all, invest in the best helmet that fits your head. Then, wear it every time you ride. Since you have to have your brain, guard it. Also, don’t forget good riding pants, jackets, boots, and reinforced gloves. While everyone knows the importance of these items, few seem to spend the funds necessary for their own good. Yet after an accident with road rash and broken bones, they learn the hard way why everything matters. So don’t wait until it is too late.

Always Ride Defensively

Because we know how bad car drivers are, always assume they cannot see you. Furthermore, watch for dangerous traffic and have a “plan B” to get out of harms way. In addition, stay away from bumper to bumper traffic, and never get between two cars on the road. Hence, you would be crushed when cars start braking. So always pay close attention and get back home to what matters.

Don’t Speed or Drink and Ride

Finally, ride under the speed limit, and never drink and then get on your bike. While this may seem like common sense, motorcyclists lose their lives year after year for these reasons. Because it is difficult to judge tight curves or what other drivers may do, speed kills. As a result, better to go slow and be late than to never get there at all. As for drinking and then riding, it is never a good idea. Yet riders do it all the time. Rather than take chances, ride first. Then drink at the end of the day when you are home and safe.

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