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So many law firms use the phrase “contact us” and even “contact us now.” But when you try to reach them, you get an answering service or voicemail. And then, they don’t call you back. That’s not how we practice law at our firm. Rather, our clients have full access to our lawyers and paralegals. In addition to office numbers, each client has our lawyers’ personal cell phone and direct email information. Most importantly, you can reach us after hours, in the evenings, and on the weekends. And we will call you back.

contact usContact Us and My Pledge to You

In addition to our experience and credentials, our lawyers respond to client calls and emails. As a result of smart phones and emails, there really is no excuse to not be able to reach your lawyer. Hence, we give each of our clients our cell phone and direct email information. Furthermore, we publish these numbers on our websites and business cards. Rather than having to go through others, you get direct access to us. After all, we honor the trust you have placed in us and want to reduce your anxiety. So when you need answers or reassurance, contact us. And we will get back to you. You have my word. By the way, here is my personal contact information: 803-554-4157 or

Fort Mill Accident Attorneys

Robert J. Reeves has practiced law here in York County since 1991. His children grew up here and went to Fort Mill schools. Because of his deep roots to Fort Mill, he has a special affection for our community. And like the rest of us, he has seen the tremendous growth here as Charlotte became a major city. But with more growth comes more accidents. Consequently, he stands ready to fight for those injured in a Fort Mill accident. While we can do our part to be safe, everyone on the road has to do theirs. But when they don’t, bad things can happen. Don’t worry. We will be there if you need us.

contact usZac Fry also handles accident cases here in Fort Mill and York County. Because he is a former prosecutor, Zac investigates the criminal and accident scene aspects of cases. And if there are inconsistencies in police reports, he works with officers to correct errors. In addition, Zac stands ready to try your case with Mr. Reeves if settlement is not possible.

Because of their different backgrounds, Zac and Mr. Reeves use their combined experiences as part of a “team approach” to serious accident cases. Furthermore, insurance companies usually have at least two lawyers assigned to cases. As a result, our strategy “balances the playing field,” So call Zac directly at 803-250-9424 or email