Cars these days are much more safer than they used to be. One of the major reasons for this is better air bag safety. In fact, since 2015, frontal air bags have saved over 44,000 lives alone! However, it’s important to make sure you know how to use these devices properly…

Air Bag Safety: How To Use Them Right

Wear your seat belt

It’s true that modern air bag safety has improved considerably. The devices of today do a much better job of not only cushioning a driver in a crash, but also reacting to unique crash situations. However, some drivers fall into a belief that their air bags are all they need to be safe.

However, these devices are just one part of your car’s accident safety system. Most importantly, car manufacturers design their devices to be used alongside seat belts. Your seat belt will not only keep you secure, but also ensure the inflating air bag doesn’t hit you too soon. Always remember to buckle up when on the road!

Watch your distance

It’s natural for drivers to adjust their car’s seating to be more natural or easier for them. Shorter driver might need to move their seats up more, while taller ones might need a bit more leg room. However, having a proper distance from the steering wheel is also crucial for practicing good air bag safety.

If you’re too close to the steering wheel, and your air bag goes off, then it could do more harm than good. Being hit while the bag is still inflating could cause some serious bruising and whiplash, on top of the crash itself. Therefore, try to stay around 10 inches away from the steering wheel. If you can’t, try to tilt it a bit more downward so it has more space to inflate.

Keep them up-to-date

Safety devices like these tend to last for a long time. Still, an important part of air bag safety is making sure they’re still in good shape. That means keeping an eye out for any recalls on defective hardware, and getting replacements ASAP. Keep an eye out if your air bag light goes off too; that’s also a sign that something internally needs your attention.