After you buy your brand-new motorcycle, the last thing you want to do is get into a wreck. However, in 2017 alone over 5,000 motorcycle riders were killed in accidents, many times because other drivers didn’t see them. As a result, biker visibility has become very important. There’s many ways you can help make sure other drivers notice you…

Biker Visibility: Make Yourself Seen

Wear bright colors

One surefire way to improve biker visibility is by wearing brighter colors. Now, black leather jackets and bikes might be a staple for bikers. However, this comes at a cost of being harder to see, especially at night. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to incorporate some more brighter options in your wardrobe, to help other drivers see you easier.

Plus, there’s still ways to stand out even without a wardrobe change. Items made with reflective material like 3M will help you stand out without having to sacrifice color. So can reflectors or mini-lights which you can place on your bike. That way, you’re more noticeable while still riding in a color you prefer.

Watch where you drive

A lot of bikers like the freedom that comes with riding, such as getting around other drivers. It’s a lot easier for a biker to pass-by someone in a car, especially if they ride a sports bike. However, this also presents a danger to biker visibility. If you pop up where a driver doesn’t expect you to, then they may end up getting into an accident with you.

Therefore, make sure to pay attention to where you drive. Follow the rules of the road and don’t try and slip by other cars through slim openings. This can easily put you in a driver’s blind spot. Plus, make sure to watch your speed too. Even the most cautious drivers may not notice you if you’re speeding right past them.

Signal accordingly

Nothing can be more frustrating for a driver than someone who refuses to use their turn signals. These signals are important for understanding the other driver’s intentions. Now, imagine how it must be on a bike, where many don’t have built-in signals. That’s why its very important to use your hand signals to improve your bike visibility and let other driver’s know your intentions.