Driving under wet conditions leads to 1.2 million accidents each year. While spring showers bring May flowers, it’s important to use extra caution when driving in wet conditions. Rainy day road safety begins with you!

Rainy Day Road Safety

Check Your Car

Rainy day road safety begins before you even get on the road. Making sure your car has proper tire depth and tread is very important. After all, they are the main things between you and the road! Properly inflated tires are also important. In addition, keeping your windshield wipers in good condition will help your vision of the road. When they start leaving streaks, it’s time to get a new set.

Leave Room

Leaving room between you and the car in front of you is important any day, but especially when the roadways are wet. Leaving enough room between cars will come in handy if they need to stop abruptly. Remember, the wet roads make it more difficult to stop. It’s a good idea to practice this safety tip even on clear, sunny days.

Slow Down

Wet roads increase the chances of hydroplaning. Speeding when it’s raining, or even just wet from earlier rain showers, can require you to brake hard to turn sharp. Adjust your speed to account for the amount of water on the roads. Maintaining rainy day road safety sometimes means slowing down to below the speed limit!

Use Your Lights Appropriately

The lights on your car help in different situations. While bright lights usually help you see more, in heavy rains they can actually reflect off the rain. Use your regular lights in the rain. You might have to turn them on yourself to make sure you are perfecting your rainy day road safety habits. Some automatic lights don’t come on for overcast weather. If you are pulled over to the shoulder for any reason, make sure your lights and your blinkers are on. Even if your car is stationary and in park, it can be difficult for other drivers to see you and your vehicle without lights on. Some color cars, like gray/silver and white, can be especially difficult to see in gray weather conditions.