All drivers want to avoid accidents with semi-trucks. They are very large, heavy and can cause serious damage. With semi-trucks being found all over the country, it’s important for driver’s to know steps they can take to reduce their risk of an accident with a semi. 

Avoid Accidents with Semi-Trucks: Things to Keep in Mind

Blind Spots

Semi-trucks have very large blind spots. They have bigger blind spots than other smaller vehicles. Knowing where these blind spots are can help you avoid accidents with semi-trucks. They have several blind spots. For example, there is a blind spot immediately in front of the truck’s cab, extending forward for about 20 feet. Next, one is just below and behind the driver’s window. Third, there is a blind spot to the right side of the truck’s cab, extending backward diagonally. Finally, there is one directly behind the truck’s trailer, extending for about 30 feet. 

Blind spots can be a dangerous place for other vehicles to get into. Truck drivers may not see other vehicles in their blind spots. Accidents can happen if a truck driver fails to check their blind spot before changing lanes. Try to avoid driving in a semi-truck’s blind spots if you can help it. Also, do not follow a semi-truck too closely. Since they cannot see directly behind them, tailgating a semi can be dangerous. 


Keep in mind that semi-trucks are very heavy. Their weight will directly impact their ability to brake quickly. Do not get right in front of a truck and then slam on your brakes. Try and have at least two car lengths worth of space between you and a semi-truck before braking. This will give the truck more time and space to be able to slow down as well. By keeping this in mind, you will increase your chances of avoiding accidents with semi-trucks. 

Wheel Axles

Additionally, semi-trucks have very heavy wheels. Due to the truck’s heavy weight, their tires are more likely to blow out. If they do blow out, a big, heavy tire can get thrown out into the air. A car in the tire’s path could get hit and damaged. If you want to avoid accidents with a semi-truck, try and avoid driving next to a truck’s wheel axles. 

As you can see, while there are many semis on the road, it is very possible to avoid accidents with Semi-Truck. Be mindful of their blind spots, slow braking ability, and potential for blown tires. This will help you have a safer driving experience.