In a collision between a pedestrian and a car, the car would likely win every time. You do not want to be struck by a car while walking across the street. This could lead to a serious injury or even death. While drivers do need to be aware of their surroundings, pedestrians need to also be aware as well. Follow these steps to help keep you safe while crossing the road.

How-to Avoid Getting Struck by a Car While Walking: Pedestrian Safety


Intersections and roads have crosswalks for a reason. They are to help prevent pedestrians from being struck by a car while walking. When crossing at a crosswalk, make sure to stay inside the crosswalk lines. Never just blindly step out into the crosswalk either. Drivers should stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk. However, never assume that a vehicle will stop for you. Do not jaywalk. Drivers will not be expecting someone to run across the street outside of a marked area.

At crosswalks that have a crossing signal, do not cross until the light indicates that it is your time to do so. Never cross when the signal tells you to stop. The light will cycle through ‘walk’, ‘caution’ and ‘stop’. The caution is usually a flashing light or a timer counting down. If you have not started crossing at this point, do not begin crossing the street with the caution alert on. This is more meant to show pedestrians who are already in the crosswalk how much time they have remaining to get across the street.

Be Visible

When you are crossing the street or walking through a parking lot at night, make sure to stay in well-lit areas. Avoid dark clothing, and opt for brighter colors. Reflective materials are helpful to make you stand out to drivers at night. If possible, make eye contact with drivers in stopped vehicles to ensure they see you before you cross in front of them. Know that in bad weather or low-visibility conditions, you will be less visible to drivers.

When you are in a parking lot, avoid popping out between two vehicles. If you must do this, make sure to look before walking out into areas where cars may be. After you park, open your door cautiously. You never know when a car may drive by just as you are getting out of your car. This applies to parking lots and parallel parking spots on the side of the road. You will be less likely to be struck by a car while walking if you make sure a driver sees you.

Avoid Distractions

Pay attention when you are crossing the street or walking through a parking lot. Stay off of your phone and remove your headphones. This will help you to be able to see and hear any oncoming vehicles. Since electric vehicles do not have a motor, they actually make a lot less road noise than a car that uses gas. You will be less likely to get struck by a car while walking if you stay alert and pay attention.

There can be many distractions in a vehicle as well. A driver could be on his or her phone, texting, or talking to a passenger. These things may distract them from seeing you while you are walking. This is why you also need to be paying attention as well.

A car can cause serious injuries to a pedestrian. Even worse, a car can kill a pedestrian. This is why it is so important for both pedestrians and cars to pay attention. Instead of walking on a road, walk on a sidewalk whenever they are available. The less time a pedestrian is on the road, the safer they will be. By following these tips, cars and pedestrians can safely share the road together.