If there’s one piece of equipment that people overlook, it’s office chairs. At first, these chairs might seem pretty simple. However, finding the right chair is important for avoiding some potential injuries…

Office Chairs: Why They Matter

The value of ergonomics

The best kind of office chairs are the ones that are ergonomic. Still, this can be a problem for some people. That’s why you need to make sure you buy one that is truly a good fit for your workplace. Don’t just go off of a label on the box!

It helps to keep a couple things in mind when looking for a chair. For example, do you need a chair with high reach, or one that’s down low? Also, will the chair be suitable for the work you do? Chairs are only ergonomic when they can suit your size, workstation, and the work that you do.

Why chairs matter

What’s so important about finding good office chairs? It all comes down to just how much sitting we do each day. We sit when we drive, eat, watch television and for many people, they sit when they work. However, too much sitting can be a bad thing.

Excessive sitting can lead to a lot of health issues. While it requires less physical effort, it still places a lot of strain on the lumbar area. Plus, it can also lead to issues with blood flow in the legs. Bad chairs can also cause bad posture, which can lead to computer-related injuries. Therefore, if you’re going to be sitting at work, it’s best to do it in the healthiest way.  

Other features

There are a few features which any of your office chairs should have. Adjustability is important for making sure you can make yourself level with whatever you’re working on. A good seat height is also important, especially if you’re very short or very tall.

Chairs should also have a good amount of depth in the seat, in order to give you enough cushioning. Your chair should also be stable, with a 5-point base providing the best stability. If your chair has wheels, it may also be good to see if you can lock them for more stationary work.