If you find yourself working with chemicals, you may also have to watch for toxic fumes. These fumes can be quite dangerous, and potentially deadly if one isn’t careful. Therefore, it’s important to know how best you can protect yourself while on the job…

Toxic Fumes: How To Protect Yourself

Wear a respirator

The first part of working around toxic fumes is keeping your lungs safe. After all, these are the parts of the body which will be the most impacted if you breathe the fumes in. Inhaling these fumes could cause some serious damage to the lungs, both in the short-term and the long-term.

However, it isn’t always a simple as putting on the first respirator you find. Different types might work better depending on the fumes you encounter. Therefore, try to keep that in mind when looking for one, along with understanding how it works and if it will fit you.

Watch what you’re mixing

Sometimes, toxic fumes are created as an unintentional side-effect. This usually happens when you mix two different things that don’t react well. For instance, take ammonia and bleach. Mixing them together tends to lead to a potentially dangerous outcome.

That’s why you want to double-check anything you plan to mix, such as cleaners. Be sure to read the warning labels on the bottles or containers to see what is safe to mix, and what isn’t. Doing so will help you avoid accidentally creating potentially dangerous fumes.

Keep things well ventilated

Toxic fumes can quickly fill up a room or area. This is especially true if the room or area is small. The more fumes that accumulate, the longer the room will be inaccessible unless proper protection is worn. One way to help limit this build-up is by keeping things well ventilated.

For example, try to turn on any fans or vents that you can. These go a long way in helping limit fume build-up. You can also try to do things like open windows, but be careful about people who might be right outside. You don’t want to expose them to these fumes unintentionally, especially if they don’t have proper protection.