If you are a long-haul driver, avoiding accidents should be your main safety concern. Knowing the common causes of semi-truck accidents can help you avoid any trouble. One of these is distracted driving. Another is drowsy driving. Faulty vehicles can account for other accidents. And finally, dangerous weather conditions can be a factor as well. Stay safer on the road by being aware.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents – Stay Safe on the Road

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents as well as other vehicles. Our phones can now text, call, play videos, access the internet, and so much more. Because of this, distracted driving has been on the rise. It’s hard to resist checking your phone when you’re on a boring stretch of road. But hazards can pop up at any time. Collisions can happen in a split second, so when driving, you must be aware at all times. Especially with the added responsibility of driving such a heavy vehicle. If you need to eat, make a call, or check your phone, it’s best to wait until you are stopped.

Drowsy Driving

Many states have regulations that limit how many hours drivers can be on the road. This is because drowsy driving is another one of the common causes of semi-truck accidents. Caffeine can’t always cut it. So if you feel drowsy on the road, stop for a nap. Any trouble you face as a result is nothing compared to the regret you could be facing if you caused an accident.

Faulty Vehicle

Vehicle issues can be another one of the common causes of semi-truck accidents. These can be manufacturing issues like brakes being made or installed incorrectly. They can also be problems caused by the wear and tear of driving. This is why frequent vehicle maintenance is so important for long-haul drivers. Trucking companies are responsible for routine maintenance of their rigs. However, drivers should always be on the lookout for any changes or unusual sounds with their trucks. If you notice anything unusual, make sure and have your truck checked by a professional as quickly as possible.

Weather Conditions

Finally, weather conditions can be another source of common causes of semi-truck accidents. Heavy rain, fog, snow, and ice are all dangerous driving conditions for heavy trucks. Before you get on the road, check the weather along your route. If you will be encountering any of these conditions, plan accordingly. And if the conditions are truly hazardous, you may need to reschedule. Nothing is worth risking an accident on the road.

Knowing the common causes of semi-truck accidents can keep you safer on the road. Never drive while texting or distracted by your phone. Make sure and sleep enough so you aren’t drowsy for trips. Maintain your truck and report any issues immediately. And finally, check the weather and be prepared for any dangerous driving conditions. As the driver of a large and very heavy vehicle on the road, you have a duty to other drivers to be as safe as possible.