Moving cargo from one area to another is the main goal of any trucking job. However, it’s important that cargo makes it into the trailer in the first place. Proper trailer loading is important for ensuring both the cargo and loaders are safe. That’s why there’s a few things you’ll need to keep in mind…

Trailer Loading: Keeping Safe

Set up the loading area

A safe loading area is key for proper trailer loading. These’s areas should be level and flat, and devoid of things such as potholes. Also, it’s important to limit any outside foot traffic through these areas. Not only could people get hit by trucks coming in, but they could also disrupt the loaders doing their jobs.

Lighting is also important for loading areas. This is because loading can happen at pretty much any time, including the early morning and late at night. Proper lighting will make sure workers can do their jobs safely by having plenty of visibility.

General procedure

The general procedure for trailer loading is very similar to other basic loading tasks. Mainly, the major thing to watch for are back injuries. It’s important to practice proper lifting techniques when moving cargo onto the trailer. Things like forklifts are especially handy for those heavier objects.

It’s also good to wear proper safety gear, like gloves, heavy-duty shoes, and high-visibility vests. When loading objects into the trailer, you’ll also need to make sure they’re secured. Not doing so properly could cause the cargo to slide around and get damaged. Using straps or other restraints is usually the best way to go.

Unloading safety

Many times, workers will need to unload trailers first before loading them with new cargo. As a result, it’s helpful to also know some unloading basics as part of the trailer loading procedure. First, it’s good to check if anything moved around during the drive. This could have upset the balance and made some higher-stacked cargo more likely to fall.

Be careful when removing any restraints as well. Sometimes, unstable cargo will only be held in place by these restrains. Undoing them quickly could cause them to fall or break. It’s always good to take the time to ensure all cargo is unloaded properly.