If you don’t have a lot of experience with truck driving, then some certain trucker behavior might leave you confused. However, all of these things do have a valid reason behind them. Knowing why drivers will do things can help you understand the trucker decision making process…

Trucker Behavior: Common Questions

Travel side-by-side

One example of trucking behavior people question is when trucks will drive side-by-side. Most people have experienced this before, usually on the highway. Two trucks will be following one another, until one moves over into the opposite lane. This confuses a lot of people, because it seems to just block traffic for everyone else.

The thing is, truck drivers are aware that this can be a nuisance. Still, they do have to abide by certain speed limits. Therefore, while one might be trying to pass the other, they can’t just fly past them. That means it’ll take them a bit longer to get ahead.

Going through yellow lights

Another instance of sometimes confusing trucker behavior is how they might treat yellow lights. Yellow lights are an indicator to drivers to slow down, because the light is about to turn red. But, sometimes you’ll see truck drivers who keep on going, or even speed up, in order to beat the light.

In general, this is because the light has changed to yellow when it’s too late for the truck driver to stop safely. If they were to try and stop, they might have to slam on the brakes. This places everyone behind them at risk. Instead, it’s actually safer for them to head through the light in this case.

Interstate ramp parking

Trucks parking on interstate ramps is the kind of trucking behavior which throws many people for a loop. Most other drivers pull off to the side of the road when they experience some kind of car problem. For truck drivers, they park on the side of the road for another reason: to get some rest.

Ideally, truckers on long trips would stop at truck or rest stops when they need to sleep. Unfortunately, many of these spots can fill up quite quickly. If no other place is open nearby, then they might see the ramp as their best choice, even if it’s more dangerous and they run the risk of a fine.