Truck drivers are expected to make hauls at a wide range of hours, including at night. Much like with other tired workers who handle the night shift, trucker drowsiness is a serious problem on there trips. However, there are some ways you can keep yourself alert despite the late hours…

Trucker Drowsiness: How To Keep Alert

Watch the lights

You might assume that having a well-lit cab can help fight off trucker drowsiness. However, that all depends on the lights you have. Most cab dashboards and interiors use very high contrast lights. These lights can actually end up making you feel more tired when coupled with the pitch black landscape.

Therefore, it helps to try and get softer, red lights in their place. These lights can help keep you awake and your eyes focused on the road. Plus, you can dim the lights as well if you feel they’re a bit to bright. Keep in mind that many headlights are also very high contrast, so try to avoid looking at other cars head-on as well.

Watch the temperature

Most truckers like to keep their cabs nice and cool. This is especially true during the hot summer months, where the AC is on nearly all the time. However, this can actually also help with fighting off trucker drowsiness and keeping yourself awake.

Cooler temperatures tend to make us feel much more awake. On the other hand, warmer temperatures tend to make us relaxed and drowsy. That’s why being out in the heat is tiring, whereas being in the cold keeps you more alert. Therefore, when you’re driving at night, try to keep you cab a bit cooler than usual.

Get some exercise

Long drives are always difficult, and even during the day can lead to trucker drowsiness. Constantly driving down the same stretch of road without taking a break can seriously get exhausting. Plus, it also comes with it’s own share of potential health problems.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take the occasional break and get some exercise. Now, you don’t have to do a 15-20 minute routine if you don’t want to. Just a simple walk around your truck can help get you feeling more energized and awake. Keep in mind that, if you stop at night, you do so in a well-lit area around other people to be more safe.