Many jobs have been limiting their hours or shutting down due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, some truckers may still find themselves needing to work. In these cases, it’s good to know how to maximize trucker health. That way, they can avoid getting sick themselves as best as they can…

Trucker Health: Avoid Sickness

Eat healthy

One good way to boost trucker health is by eating healthy. It’s tempting for truck drivers to eat a lot of fast food, due to it’s convenience. Still, eating unhealthy foods tends to be bad for the immune system. Furthermore, you have to consider how many different people will be in contact with your food before you eat it.

Instead, it’s a good idea to pack your own, healthy foods. You’ll especially want to focus on immune system boosting foods, like citrus fruits, yogurt, spinach, and almonds. It can also be handy to take extra vitamins or immune system boosters to supplement your diet, ensuring your body has the right fuel to tackle potential infections.

Get plenty of sleep

Another good way to improve trucker health is through sleep. Many truckers unfortunately skip out on getting the sleep they should. Usually, this is an in effort to get their deliveries done faster. Still, this not only increase the chances of them getting into an accident, but it also weakens the immune system.

That’s why you should make sure you get the proper amount of sleep you need. A good way to do so is by stopping at rest areas. If you’re concerned about safety, then try to park near a light and close to the front of the rest area.

Keep things clean

Doing some cleaning is also handy for improving trucker health. Trucking will have you traveling to many different locations. But, that also means you’ll be coming in contact with many different people, which now can be somewhat of a health risk. To reduce the risk, it might be useful to keep things around you clean.

That means going beyond just cleaning trash out of your cab. You’ll also want to do things like disinfect your interior and cab handles. It’s also good to keep things like hand sanitizer or masks with you as well, so you can keep protected when interacting with others.