Distracted driving is something which can be pretty dangerous. However, truck drivers may have to face unique trucking distractions. These distractions are something you’ll want to limit in order to keep yourself safe…

Trucking Distractions: Common Types

Cell phones

Cell phones are some of the most common trucking distractions these days. Phones can be pretty handy for truck drivers. Many of them come with GPS apps which can help them plan out routes for their trips. They can also allow for them to play music, and look up information about areas they’re in.

Still, they can also easily distract a driver. Constant texts, calls and social media can make it tempting to glance at or get on the phone. By doing this, though, a driver is taking their eyes off the road, which is of course quite dangerous. Instead, phones should be placed in “do not disturb” for the duration of trips.

Outside distractions

Another form of trucking distractions are those which happen outside of the truck. The thing about these distractions is that they can be a wide variety of things. For example, an accident on the road could cause you to drift your attention to that rather than the road. However, this could increase your chances of getting into an accident yourself!

Even things like music, billboards, and the scenery around you can be distracting. You might think a quick glance is harmless, but lingering on these distractions is risky. After all, every second your eyes are on them is a second they aren’t on the road.

Internal distractions

Internal trucking distractions are ones which deal with your thoughts. If you’re stuck on a long, empty road, then it can be very easy to get caught up in your own thoughts. Maybe you and your partner had a fight, or you’re thinking about a previous mistake you’ve made.

These distractions, much like the other ones, take your attention away from the road. Plus, overthinking can decrease your reaction time, and result in what would’ve been an avoidable accident. Take time before you drive to clear your head in order to keep your focus on the road.