Have you noticed that when it is time to start packing to move, it seems like all of your stuff grew? Guess who has to move all of that stuff? The movers from the moving company you hired. Movers have to pick up, carry, and maneuver up and down stairs with heavy, bulky, or awkward furniture and boxes. On top of that, they do this day in and day out. It’s no wonder that movers end up with all sorts of aches, pains and injuries. While moving will always be a difficult job, there are some steps workers can take to reduce their risk of being hurt. Learn how to avoid injuries while working as a mover.

How-to Avoid Injuries While Working as a Mover


As a mover, you will have to pick up many things. In order to avoid injuries while working as a mover, you will need to be mindful when lifting things. First, avoid lifting things above your head, no matter now light they are. This motion can put strain on your upper back and shoulders. Unfortunately, that could cause an injury that you may not notice until later.

Additionally, remember to lift with your legs and not with your back. Stand with your left apart before lifting an item, and then use your legs to lift. Avoid lifting anything using your back. This can put a significant strain on your muscles. Many people have experienced serious injuries like herniated discs from failing to life with their legs. Plus, if you lift with your legs instead of your back, you will not become exhausted quite as quickly.

Don’t Overdo It

Listen to your body and don’t overdo it. If you know you can’t handle something on your own, ask for help. Your coworker will be able to help share the load, which will help you avoid injuries while working as a mover. They can help you lift, or even maneuver things in awkward spaces. Do not try to be a hero. You won’t be any help to anyone if you get injured and can’t help at all.

Keep in mind that if you keep overdoing it, small, acute injuries can turn into chronic ones. This can lead to years of chronic pain. To avoid this, lift things properly and ask for help when needed. This will help to be able to keep working as a mover for as long as you would like to.