As the temperature outside gets warmer, many people are excited to get back on their motorcycles. Still, it’s important to prepare properly with some warm weather gear. In particular, you’ll want to make sure you select some good pieces for the occasion…

Warm Weather Gear: Useful Gear

Vented helmets

Vented helmets are a great piece of warm weather gear. When our bodies get hot, they tend to dissipate a lot of heat through the top of our heads. Even under cooler conditions, a regular helmet can get pretty stuffy and lead you to sweat a lot. As you’d imagine, this’ll only get worse the hotter it becomes, and it could cause your visor to fog up.

However, a vented helmet will help keep your head cool while riding. While vented helmets have been available for some time, full-face helmets with specialty vents have recently hit the market. These helmets will ensure you get the same level of protection while also making sure you’ll be kept cool when on the road.

Vented jackets

Vented jackets, much like with vented helmets, are also some great warm weather gear. Leather is very common for motorcycle jackets due to its durability and insulation. Of course, that means they also don’t allow for any air to pass in or out of them. This’ll cause you to quickly heat up on those hotter days.

To deal with this, jacket manufacturers are now designing jackets with select vented areas. This allows for a specific amount of air to pass through them, without making them impossible to wear when riding. As with the helmets, this lets you keep your cool and remain comfortable without giving up safety.

Vented gloves

Vented gear can even extend all the way down to your riding gloves. When considering their warm weather gear, many riders will just decide to avoid wearing their gloves. After all, they tend to be leather, much like their jackets. Having your hands get sweaty and uncomfortable could compromise your control of the bike.

Of course, gloves are also important for safety. That’s why many gloves are coming with similar vents to those on jackets. These will allow you to open or close their vents when needed. Plus, they’ll also help direct some airflow up your jacket sleeves, further helping your body to cool down.