Good lighting is very important for truck drivers. Not only will it help them see the road better, but it’ll also help them stay awake on those night hauls. That’s why many truckers are switching to LED truck lights. These lights come with a few advantages over their counterparts…

LED Truck Lights: Potential Benefits

Compared to incandescents

Most trucks will be outfitted with standard incandescent or halogen lights. These have been the standard for years, especially because they’re very cheap. However, LED truck lights have shown themselves to be much better. These lights use 75% less electricity, are smaller, and are more powerful.

Plus, they do a much better job at replicated natural light. This makes it easier to stay alert when you have them on. As a result, many drivers are putting them in their headlights, taillights, turn signals, and even inside their cabins. While they may cost a bit more, prices have been going down, and the benefits outweigh the expense for them.

Useful enhancements

LED truck lights can enhance many parts of your truck aside from the main lights. For instance, it might be good to put them in your flood lights to drastically increase your vision. If you want even more visibility, then see about installing a light bar on your cab. These can be even more effective than flood lights.

Other good areas for these lights are under the hood and along the underside of the trailer bed. Underhood LEDs will make it easy to see your engine, and free up your hands from having to use a flashlight. Removable lightbars under the trailer will help increase your visibility to other drivers, helping them to give you the space you need.

Set up controls

Another nice thing about LED truck lights is that they can be adjustable. For those extra enhancements, you can set up switches in your cab to control them. That way, you can easily turn them on, off, or adjust their overall brightness as you need.

Still, keep in mind that NHTSA has regulations for how bright your lights can be. It’s good to go and test your lights and controls somewhere isolated after installing them. Not only can you make sure they work, but you’ll also be able to check how bright they are. This’ll help you keep safe and avoid a potential ticket.