Truck drivers have to spend pretty long periods of time driving. As a result, they definitely want to make this experience as comfortable as they can. Keeping some key trucker accessories on hand can help with this goal. Having these items on standby can make those trips just a bit more easier to get through…

Trucker Accessories: What To Bring


Sunglasses are one of those trucker accessories every driver probably already has. After all, they certainly are a valuable tool for you. A good pair of sunglasses will help cut down on any incoming glare made by the sun. That way, it’ll be much easier for you to see, especially on those very bright days.

Plus, they also come with a secondary benefit. Harsh sunlight can cause people to feel a lot more fatigued and exhausted than they would normally. Plus, it can also lead to things like headaches. Therefore, not only do sunglasses help you see better, they also help keep you awake and focused for longer too.


A mini-fridge might not sound like one of those all-important trucker accessories at first. However, they actually can come in handy. A common problem for truck drivers is deciding where to get their food from. More often than not, they’ll stop at a fast food place. Still, not only are they unhealthy, but the cost can quickly add up over time.

That’s where a mini-fridge can come in handy. Having one of these allows for you to pack your own food along for the trip. That means you can bring along some more healthier options instead of settling for fast food. Plus, bringing your own food is much cheaper in the end than always going for fast food.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is another one of those essential trucker accessories. After all, it’s important to make sure you can stay safe even if something goes wrong. For example, this could be in case there’s an accident, or if your truck breaks down somewhere very hot or cold. Having a good, well-prepared first aid kit will help ensure you can remain okay just in case.